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Make Money As You Learn

Do you want to find writing gigs fast and be guaranteed of stable income as a writer? As a mentored writer, you will not be left alone to look for writing gigs as we shall be giving you paid for assignments from our network of writing clients from all over the world.

We Help You Win Direct Clients

We are a dedicated team that provides the top-quality services bridging the huge gap in the writing industry and providing for paid tasks at your convenience.

Network With Other Writers

As our mentee, we shall give you an opportunity to interact with other writers. We hold zoom trainings periodically to encourage this interaction. We also make use of social media like telegram, whatsapp etc. New writers are even able to share on writing opportunities available when overwhelmed and get served accordingly.

Online writing jobs in Kenya.

βœ“ At GLOBALINK WRITERS it's easy to get a decent job also note that Kenyan writers has high records in the online writing business. Get the best online freelance writing jobs with us, dont be left behind.
βœ“ GLOBALINK WRITERS is a content writing company that has a transparent goal to work with competent and creative specialists. If it is you, we have online writing job in Kenya for you!

The range of online writing job in Kenya and the fields of writing.

βœ“ The modern world is a text, but it is not a trifle to produce quality texts that reach the audience and grasp it. Whenever you search for anything on the Web, you get the text.
βœ“ Whether you choose to stay or close that page at once depends on the content. That's why our company is looking for talented writers in Kenya and offering decent compensation for their skills and time.

At GLOBALINK WRITERS, we most frequently deal with such subjects for article writing jobs, as follows:

  • βœ“ Accounting.
  • βœ“ Business.
  • βœ“ Communications.
  • βœ“ Computer Science / IT.
  • βœ“ Education.
  • βœ“ Engineering.
  • βœ“ Statistics.
  • βœ“ High Math.
  • βœ“ CV Creation.
  • βœ“ Chemistry.
  • βœ“ Geography.
  • βœ“ History.
  • βœ“ Articles Writing.

There can be other subjects. If you work well with resources and explore them in-depth to process and produce quality texts, we can become partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Can I Earn as a Beginner?

    • As a beginner, with basic writing you can earn upto KES 15,000 per month. All you need is your dedication and hard work.
      βœ“ For you to start working with us, Your account needs to be active.
      βœ“ Whenever you make a bid on a tasks i.e worth KES 4500, you are paid exact amount. No deductions or service fee charged.
      Note:// New tasks are always available at 12am, meaning you should login to your account 5 Minutes earlier. Be quick and make sure your have a stable internet access to avoid buffering.

  • Do I need a paypal account to start?

    • No, you do not need any paypal account for funds disbursements. Funds are disbursed via M-PESA to your registered phone number. M-PESA withdrawals are available 24/7 (instant withdrawals).
      We are Africans and Africa is our business(M-PESA).

  • Why activation fee?

    • This is a put in place measure to hire only serious and genuine writers. Your one time activation fee goes straight into your account and thus can be withdrawn together with your first successful task.

  • Assurity of getting writing tasks?

    • More than 400+ task are posted on daily basis, with high paying rates.
      With our platform you are guaranteed tasks as we have an effective working policy, of ONE TASK(s) PER ACCOUNT PER DAY.
      This has really helped us in fair distributions of work and improve the quality of work submitted to us as well.

  • Our workflow?

    • step 1: Login
      step 2: Navigate to Writing Task
      step 3: Pick a task of your capabilities.
      step 4: Bid, to get awarded.
      step 5: Work on the task and Submit via Submit Task page.
      step 6: Task approval (afterwards Payments are done).
      step 7: Withdraw Your Money from your account to M-PESA via Withdraw Money page .
      Login on time, choose task of your preference and place a bid.
      And Whenever you are bidding for a task. Kindly check the dateline given.
      Do not bid for any task past the DATELINE provided.❌ New task will always be available.NO worries!

  • Can I use a smartphone?

    • Yes we do accommodate smart phone users as well i.e making posters, business cards, CV.
      For writers using smartphones to work on writing assignments, we highly recommend you to use this app ~ WPS while typing your work. Always Save your work as either PDF, WORD, Excel, PPT, DOC, DOCX etc..

What Our Clients Say?

  • John Muli

    - Nairobi - Kenya

    I only did 3 practice assignments and my mentor allowed me to work on paid assignments. In 2 months, I was able to graduate from a mentored writer to expert writer. This meant more assignments, and more money.

  • Janet Koech

    - Kericho - Kenya

    I was introduced to this program by a friend. I now have a team of 20 writers. This program has changed my mind. Salute to my mentor ~ Dion, Thank you!”

  • Kelvin Kioko

    - Kitui - Kenya

    Found this website few months ago, and there is no going back or searching for a new one. Glad I found GLOBALINK WRITERS, they are the best!

  • Anderson Kimani

    - Nairobi - Kenya

    This is an amazing program. Apart from assignments I got from my mentor, I was introduced to 2 direct clients. I now have my own team of 10 young writers and I am able to give them enough work daily. I recommend this platform to every newbie writer.